May 2009


Ganes Pratt Gallery, Ljubljana


 In the Irreversible series, the art piece is a photo montage which uses existing art works for its key motifs. Urša Vidic combines non-painting medium with a distinctively subjective, painting attitude towards the image and the subject that lies within her. She reaches into art history and uses a series of paintings by Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder for her new work.


Two layers of images trapped into a twinkling surface of Plexiglas demonstrate how the past enabled the present. Urša Vidic erased the human figures from the paintings which were the first in the western art of the modern times portraying every day life in the village. The society which was increasingly dependant on trade, but at that point still had a strong sense of community, already carries within the beginnings which lead to the irreversible loneliness of the modern subject.







text: Petja Grafenauer

translation: Nina Vidrih



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