Opening: 23rd of May 2013


SNG Drama, Ljubljana


Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky





The play Mystery-Bouffe was written for the anniversary of the 1917 revolution, as a part of the festivities. It was directed and produced by Vsevolod Meyerhold, and the art was done by Kazimir Malevich. The premiere was in the Theatre of Musical Drama on November 7, 1918. After two years, Mayakovsky reworked the text of his play. This second version premiered in the First Theatre of the RSFSR on May 1, 1921. Mystery-Bouffe (1921) is “a heroic, epic, and satirical representation of post-revolution epoch”— the first Soviet play on a contemporary subject. While asserting the greatness and heroism of the common people, Mayakovsky exposed the creative impotence of the bourgeoisie. He stated in a preface to the 1921 edition that “in the future, all persons performing, presenting, reading or publishing Mystery-Bouffe should change the content, making it contemporary, immediate, up-to-the-minute. In this stage version eleven individuals are travelling to escape the new great flood. Unsatisfied with social revolutions and disappointed with hell as well as with heaven, they keep searching for the Promised Land. What they finally find is the stage.


Translator: Tatjana Stanič

Director: Aleksandar Popovski

Adapted by: Aleksandar Popovski, Jelena Mijović

Dramaturg: Darja Dominkuš

Dramaturgy consultant: Jelena Mijović

Set designer: Branko Hojnik

Costume designer: Jelena Proković

Music: Foltin

Light designer: Milan Podlogar

Language consultant: Tatjana Stanič

Assistant set designer: Urša Vidic

Assistant costume designer: Katja Magister

Assistant set designer (student): Adriana Furlan


Photo: Peter Uhan


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