Opening: 1st of December 2011


Ljubljana Puppet Theatre


Hans Christian Andersen


chidren's puppet play



A wicked sprite made a mirror which shows the darkest and worst sides of people. The reflection of beauty distorts into ugliness, truth becomes lie, and kindness is permeated with hatred. He sends the mirror around the world and ruins people with it, until they all seem ugly, dirty and bad to themselves and to others.

But this is not enough, he wants to ruin the sky as well. In his greed, he lifts the mirror higher and higher, faster and faster, until the mirror shatters into a million, billion, quadrillion of tiny pieces, which spread around the world. And the pieces still swirl in the sky, and when they fall into somebody’s eye, they no longer see beauty. And if they burrow into someone’s heart, they become evil.


In the big city, where there were so many people and houses, where there was not even enough space for every person to have a small garden, and most people had to be satisfied with potted plants, there lived two poor children, Kai and Gerda, who had a garden which was bigger than just a pot. It was summer and their roses were wonderful. The summer passed and autumn, followed by winter arrived.



Roses wither quietly,

Petals falling listlessly –

To the magic of the Christmas tree

Master time is taking me.


Director: Tijana Zinajić

Author: Hans Christian Andersen – Andrej Jaklič

Dramatisation by: Andrej Jaklič

Set design by: Branko Hojnik

Costume design by: Matic Hrovat

Music by: Tim Kostrevc, Luka Jamnik

Movement by: Primož Bezjak

Proofreader: Lena Vastl

Scenographer Assistant: Urša Vidic

Lighting designer: Srečo Brezovar

Stage manager and sound engineer: Aca Ilić

Make-up design: Špela Kink Bravničar

Lights: Srečo Brezovar

Stage technicians and property men: Darko Nedeljković, Tomo Hvastja

Dresser, hairstylist and make-up artist: Mihaela Majcen

Set and costumes made by: Sandra Birjukov, Marjeta Valjavec, Mitja RitmaničVerica Hrovat, delavnica Šentjakobskega gledališča, Delo osvobaja d.o.o.

Puppets made by: Jože Lašič


Photo: Nejc Saje


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