Opening: 10 Januar 2014


Mestno gledališče ljubljansko / MGL


Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Die Physiker, 1961





The Physicists are one of the most known plays by Swiss playwright Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The play was written in 1961 and staged in 1962 – at the time when Cold War between East and West and the threat of the use of nuclear weapons were at their height. Rapid and unstoppable scientific and technological development triggers many questions even today the same way as the thinking about the possibility of abuse of new scientific discoveries for political purposes created a similar agitation at the time, when this play was conceived.

Translator: Maila Golob

Adaption of the translation: Mojca Kranjc

Director: Boris Kobal

Dramaturg: Alenka Klabus Vesel

Set design: Urša Vidic

Costume design: Andrej Vrhovnik

Language consultant: Maja Cerar

Light design: Andrej Koležnik

Assistant dramaturg: Evelin Bizjak


Photo: Barbara Čeferin


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